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Within the technological world, every common CPU user will eventually come in contact with these.  They are known simply as “Viruses” to the common citizen and most users do not always understand the ramifications and problems one of these “Viruses” can have on their personal information and computer operations.

The first thing we need to address is that even though the common user might refer to malicious programs installed onto their systems as a “Virus”. Their are multiple types of malicious software out on the market today that each cause different problems with your central processes.  In the following guide we will be instructing and informing you on the multiple types of malicious software to help you better combat the potential threats each of these programs bring.

Different Types of “Infections”

First knowing how one might become “infected” with one of these malicious programs is the first line of defense in protecting your personal information and preventing these “viruses” from getting on to your CPU.  Listed below are the multiple methods a virus can enter your computer and infect your systems.

  • Virus – This is the generalized term for malicious software and sometimes one of the largest threats to your computer.  A virus or “malware” at is more commonly referred to is a program that latches itself onto your windows processes(Or system32 files) and replicates itself impairing standard processes that will slow down your operating systems.
  • Trojan – Coined from the tale of the “Trojan Horse” that the Greeks used to invade the city of Troy and win the war.  These programs work in the same sense as that Trojan Horse.  This malicious software often fakes you into believing that the program you are downloading is authentic and what you are looking for but instead installs some form of malicious software on your CPU.  Prevent this by establishing that the location you are downloading from is authentic and have a firewall setup just in case.
  • Worm – These are in the same classification as Viruses or “Malware”.  They are a self replicating program but instead of latching itself onto a windows process(System32).  It instead generates its own path and replicates in a hidden location.  These viruses are a little easier to handle compared to a large scale virus but still can be very detrimental to your processes.
  • DBD or “Drive-By Download” –  This is the most common and harmful way to get something onto your computer.  This comes from “unsafe” surfing of the internet. (There is also a potential risk on major website as well but less common then 3rd party websites).  These malicious programs come from exploiting a security breach in your web browser and infecting your computer with countless amounts of malicious programs.

Virus or “Malware” Actions

Now that we have gone over how your computer can be infected.  Lets discuss what kind of actions these will do to your computer and how harmful they can be to your personal information and computer processes.

  • Adware –  Adware is your most common type of malware and probably the most annoying.  Granted this virus is probably the easiest to get rid of.  Adware usually does not infect your computer in the scenarios listed above but uses advertising based software to install these programs onto your computer to offer special deals and programs to help “improve” your systems.  These are fixed simply by removing the program associated with the ads by use of the “Add or Remove Programs” feature. (Reference our section on Adding and Removing Programs for tips and help to accomplishing these processes.)
  • Spyware –  Personally considered the most harmful of any type of malware and most detrimental to both you and your CPU.  Spyware is a malicious program that monitors your computer and its processes.  Hackers will use these programs to collect all personal information on your computer and also monitor the processes you do on your computer.  Not only can this be very detrimental to your personal information but they are not as apparent when they have infected your computer.  Among other malware that has programs and prompts to kind of let you know there is something amiss with your computer.  Spyware sits “silently in the dark” and watches you without you every knowing.
  • Ransomware – A very uncommon type of malware but is still a very real threat out there today.  Ransomware will literally change the windows operations in your CPU to give them complete control of your computer while limiting your use of it.  A lot of the times when your computer is “hacked” the hacker will literally prompt you to pay a fee to unlock the capability of you using your computer.  If something like this every happens to you.  Don’t match the demands of your abductor and give us a call and can potentially fight back and recover your computer without every appeasing your needs.
  • Scareware –  Another common type of malware you will come across.  Scareware is the process is having your computer prompt you that your CPU is potentially “Running Slow”  or something along the lines of “Your computer may be at risk!”  These scare tactics are most commonly used to offer you a program or service to either fix these problems or remove the risk.  Granted that you can simply just ignore the prompt as you know it is false.  Leaving these on your CPU can lead to potentially more risks like Spyware and Ransomware that could jeopardize your entire personal information security.

In Conclusion:

Viruses or more commonly known as “Malware” now are potential threats you never want to deal with.  We over here at Houston PC Services have multiple recommendations to preventing these risks from happening to you.  The first step is to provide yourself with a proven and reliable Anti-Virus and Firewall program to stop the initial threat of these.  AVG is the preferred choice here and is your first line of defense against those nasty known viruses.  Follow the link below to download the free version that provides superior protection for no cost to you.

AVG Antivirus Download

Lastly for the ultimate protection and malware removal, look no further then the expert IT technicians here at Houston PC Services.  If you ever start to experience a lack in performance in your computer,  start seeing the signs of infections on your computer, or you just simply want us to come take a look at your CPU to make sure no threats are there.  We will be more than happy to service any of these requests that you might have.  Just remember that keeping your information secure is the most important thing.