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Houston PC Services Arrow Houston PC Services prides itself on providing expertly trained consultants while also offering our clients affordable pricing.
Houston PC Services Arrow We provide our services by appointment and at the customer’s location.  Most of the services we provide require us to have a consultant on-site to truly evaluate a customer’s situation.
Houston PC Services Arrow Our standard billing rate unless otherwise negotiated is $120/hour/consultant.
Houston PC Services Arrow We offer weekend, evening, and holiday services by appointment only, and we bill at 2 times the standard billing rate of $110/hour/consultant for these services.  Emergency services are billed the same as weekend and holiday services. An Emergency is where we have to cancel a previously scheduled appointment at the last-minute to free one of our consultants to immediately service a customer’s account.
Houston PC Services Arrow Custom coding starts at a rate of $85/hour/developer and is negotiated on a per-project basis prior to the start of work.  The scope, size, and complexity of the project will determine the billing rate and invoicing milestones.
Houston PC Services Arrow For most Houston area locations, there are no drive-time charges for a consultant to be sent to your location. We will inform you in advance of any trip charges before your appointment.  Drive time in excess of 30 minutes from our office usually results in a drive time charge.
Houston PC Services Arrow We bill by the half-hour with a minimum of one billable hour for all in-person appointments.  Remote services are also billed in half-hour increments with a minimum of one half billable hour.
Houston PC Services Arrow Quotes on services are given upon request. Otherwise, hourly billing rates apply.
Houston PC Services Arrow Texas sales tax is applied to all sales and is not included in any billing rates.

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