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Introduction to hardware installation:

With the constant improvements to all forms of computer hardware.  Software and systems in turn will expand with it. Businesses and companies alike will constantly evolve with the hardware to provide their consumers with a better and more expansive product.  This ends up causing older computers and hardware to slow down.  Losing the speed and capabilities they once held.  Sometimes simple hardware upgrades are available to bring a user’s computer back to its original speeds.  Other times the cost to improve a computer to match the market standards is not worth the cost and a whole new CPU is required. Below are some of the many hardware upgrades that most users require based off the situation.

Hardware installations


One of the easiest and most common upgrades needed by users.  With the state of technology at a whole at this current time. The industry standard to maintain basic practices like browsing the web and basic programs is 8gb of memory.  Memory in itself at this time is a very cheap installation, along with the price on the hardware itself.

Hard Drives:

Hardware Installation Solid State Drive Houston PC ServicesWith the growing need for storage and speeds for any user.  Additional and larger hard drives are a constant necessity for any user.  With any hard drive, their storage capabilities should never exceed around 70% of its max capacity.  Even when a basic HDD has the ability to store up to 500GB, it should never exceed 350 GB when storing the operating system.  With modern day motherboards additional SATA slots are readily available for additional HDDs for your computer.  That covers the storage issue users might experience.  The next issue is the speed users might experience from low RPM HDDs.  Luckily in recent years, new high grade technology has surfaced in the forms of Solid State Drives.  With a standard HDD giving a user about 50mb write speeds, new high grade SSDs will provide over 500mb write speeds providing fast and instant speeds.

Processors and motherboards:

Motherboard Hardware Installation Houston PC Services Houston, TXBeing that processors are interchangeable and able to be switched out.  The amount of labor and hardware required to replace one is not worth the cost at times.  With any processor, an applicable motherboard is required for a new processor. Along with this issue, the same model is required to match the drivers and setup already installed on the hard drive.  If not a complete reinstall of windows and other drivers is required to run the CPU.  With that amount of labor and hardware required. A new custom computer might be a better alternative instead of pouring more and more hardware into a “dying horse”

Cooling systems

Cooling Hardware Installation Houston PC Services Houston TXNot a common problem users might experience.  With high end computers, usually tackling high end processes and programs. A necessary cooling system is required to protect the processor from over heating.  Most high end computers will come with temperature gauges to determine if a processor is at its necessary levels.  If a cooling system is starting to slowly degrade and a processor starts to overheat.  An immediate replacement is required to prevent a processor from potentially frying and destroying it and the motherboard along with it.


Be it large or small, hardware installations are a necessity to keep a user’s CPU running smoothly and performing at an optimal speed for modern day technology.  If a simple hardware installation is not enough, then swing on over to our custom computer section to determine if that is the better solution.