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Frequently Asked Questions

With how vast and diverse technology is today, an array of different IT problems can present themselves.  We offer solutions to every common IT problem facing families and businesses today, and we specialize in customizing solutions to fit your particular situation.  Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions, FAQs, we are asked.  If you are unsure if we offer a particular service, please feel free to give us a call.

Q: Do you repair broken laptop and tablet screens?
A: No, we don’t. We are an IT company.
Q: Can I drop my computer off at your office? A: We are a consultant-based IT company, and our office is not open to the public.  We work by appointment at the customer’s location.
Q: Do you buy computers?  A: No. We’re an IT company, not a computer dealer.
Q: Do you repair printers? A: We repair software related problems, but we don’t repair mechanical printer problems.
Q: Do you remove computer viruses?  A: Yes! We’ll find your virus and remove it. We do! If its IT, we can probably do it.
Q: Do you offer both residential and business IT Solutions? A: We do! If its IT, we can probably do it.
Q: Can you find and remove adware and spyware? A: We can find and remove anything from your computer
Q: Do you fix diver and registry errors? A: Yes, we fix both of those!
Q: Do you build websites? A: Absolutely! We can code custom websites.
Q: Can you make my computer run faster? A: Definitely!
Q: Can you write custom code for my business? A: Definitely! We offer custom business solutions.
Q: Can you install and upgrade operating systems? A: Yes! And we’ll get you a genuine license key. 
Q: Do you fix Apple MacBooks in addition to Windows computers?  A: Sure! We can repair your MacBooks.
Q: Do you offer weekend appointments? A: Yes! We can schedule weekend appointments.
Q: Can you service my computer remotely? A: Yes! We offer remote services for your convenience.
Q: Do I need to drop off my computer with you? A: We are a mobile business, so we’ll schedule an appointment and come to you.
Q: Do you bill for the time required to drive to my home or business? A: No, we only bill the time we are at your home or business, not the drive time.
Q: Can you recover data from a damaged hard drive? A: If its hardware damage, we can’t. We only fix software.
Q: Can you set up my internet, Wi-Fi, or printer network? A: You buy the device and we’ll set it up for you.