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IT Business Solutions Houston PC Services Houston, TX


With the growing reliance of technology for any business to maintain operations on a day to day basis.  A qualified IT staff or company is necessary to keep systems running smoothly and effectively.  With most small businesses today, the capital required to hire on a full time IT systems manager is out of the question.   Most small businesses will in turn outsource an IT firm to handle their operations and systems.  This is where Houston PC Services comes in.  With a group of highly trained technicians on staff.  Along with the experience of servicing the IT related needs of a wide arrange of different business professions.  Browse through the list of many services below that Houston PC provides and see if we are the perfect fit for your business.

Retainer Program:

A standard retainer program setup through HPCS will entail the following services.

  • A guaranteed set amount of hours for any service that is provided by HPCS.
    • Any hours that surpass a client’s given set amount of hours in a month will be given as a discounted rate.
  • Priority treatment on any service call requested.
    • HPCS will provide retainer clients with a 24hr turn around for any service call requested.
  • Late night appointments and holiday services available.
    • Late night and holiday services are billed separately and at a premium rate from regular retainer hours.
  • Priority shipping and service on any hardware or software provided by HPCS

All HPCS retainer contracts are negotiable on a client to client basis.  Each retainer program is setup based off the needs and requirements a business will require of an IT firm.  Listed below are the negotiable terms and services within a HPCS retainer.  

  • Retainer hours per month
  • Pricing
  • Length of contract
  • Late night/holiday premium prices

When choosing HPCS, all of our retainer programs will be billed on a month to month basis and a termination of services is available at any time.  No fees or payments will be required if a client chooses to terminate services.  Here at HPCS we want our clients to want to work with us, not required to.


With the overwhelming requirement of technology in any business.  Experienced IT technicians are required to keep the work flow going and secure.  Having an IT department is not just about being there for when something breaks.  Preventive maintenance is key into preventing any major issues from happening in a business.  They key to preventive maintenance comes along the lines of backups, constant upkeep of hardware and controlled environments to stop threats of viruses or malware.  If you are uncertain of the state of your business.  Call up Houston PC Services today for a free consultation and have our team of highly trained technicians evaluate your systems and devise a plan to protect your data and business.