Printer Troubleshooting

Printer Troubleshooting Sugar Land, TX Houston PC ServicesPrinter Troubleshooting Houston, TX Houston PC ServicesWithin any office space, besides computers there will always be printers to go alongside any CPU.  Be it a standard commercial grade printer usually purchased from retail stores.  Or a central business hub printer to process large and intricate work orders.  With any printer though there are heavy network and driver requirements to keep them running smoothly and efficient.    Detailed below are common printer errors users might face when connecting, printing, scanning and faxing out documents to other users.

Driver Errors

As detailed in other sections, drivers are the software interface that work in tangent with the CPU and a device.  In this instance it is the software that is installed on a CPU’s operating system to communicate with the printer.   When initially setting up a printer a common user error is to use a windows interface console to setup a printer.  Given that this method has the ability to allow a printer to print documents.  Most of the printer’s features are disabled and requires the full product software to function as it is advertised.

Connection Issues

Connection issues usually are problems within a user’s network.  The easiest way to detect a connection issue is when a driver is installed and working properly.  Though the device is unable to receive the data transferred from the computer to the device.  These issues arrive when connecting through a wireless connection to the device.  When setup through a USB cable and connectivity issues arise it is advised to replace the cable or check the USB slots it is connected to and switch the cable around and see if the situation resolves itself.

Printer Jams

Most jams are experience from faulty hardware.  Sometimes paper jams are a small issues that happen infrequently enough to not cause too much alarm.  Caused by overloading the scanner, improperly loading paper or a slight malfunction with the printer itself.  If this happens on a frequent basis a repair is recommended or a complete replacement of the device, whichever is more financially beneficial to the user.

Preferred Printers

For common users HPCS recommends any HP based printer to service their needs.  HP printers are some of the most commonly used and accepted devices in today’s society.  With full functionality across all operating systems it far exceeds any competitor on the market.  Especially when it comes to Macintosh operating systems.  HP based printers are some of the very few that fully support a Mac OSX system.  Macintosh products have switched over to using air print services that come standard with any new age HP printer.

Repairing damaged hardware

When it comes to damaged printers most of the time it is financially beneficial to the consumer to simply replace the printer as a whole.  A standard printer a basic user will require usually runs under $100.  That being said the cost of parts and labor required to place the hardware in a printer and repair it.


With the loss of a printer being potentially devastating to a user.  Constant care and maintenance is required to avoid issues listed above from happening.  Here at Houston PC Services we have a group of trained specialists to maintain and repair any network or hardware issues a user might come across.