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Don’t leave it to chance, let us solve your computer problems!

Whether you just got a new computer or have had the same one for many years, it’s important to properly setup and maintain your computer.  Improper practices can damage your computer and leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  Including viruses, ad-ware, and spyware.  Antivirus software helps protect you from know viruses but not from those yet to be created.  If you suspect your computer is infected, play it safe and have us talk a look at it.  Identity thieves exploit improper computer security to collect data and steal your personal information.  So protect yourself by having us setup your new computer or clean the one you already own!

We offer the following computer and IT services…

Green Check Mark Virus removal Green Check Mark Driver errors
Green Check Mark Registry errors Green Check Mark Custom computers
Green Check Mark Server maintenance  Green Check Mark Hardware installation
Green Check Mark Data line installations Green Check Mark Operating system upgrades
Green Check Mark Printer troubleshooting Green Check Mark E-mail troubleshooting
Green Check Mark Networking solutions Green Check Mark Custom coding
 Green Check Mark Custom websites / SEO  Green Check Mark Business IT solutions

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