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When referring to “coding” we are discussing the concept of using a specific algorithm to make a CPU perform a specific set of tasks.  There is not always a program out there for users that is going to match a specific requirement they might have (especially when it comes to websites).  Granted that does not mean the idea is unobtainable to someone.  Custom coding provides an alternative when a user (usually in a business environment) would like an application that runs a specific set of processes without have to do something manually.  Nine out of ten times there will be an application out there already to service their needs. When there isn’t though and the sheer productivity improvement from a custom coded application will drastically improve work flow.  Our team of developers are here to help and service any request that comes our way.


As stated above, when it comes to the point that there is no software readily available to the consumer for their specific business.  A custom coded application is the next step.  This comes into play when a bunch of manual processes that a user might be doing on a computer needs to be more streamlined.  New applications and programs are constantly flooding the market from programmers, trying to match the needs of every individual.  To be better put in perspective, every application on a computer is a file of code that specifically tells the computer and all of its hardware/software a specific set of algorithms to complete a set task.  If you can think it, we can create it over here at HPCS.


Used vastly more then the application side of programming.  Website coding is widely sought after by most business owners.  When it comes to a website there are usually only a few options to get a company’s name out there on the web.  Most hosting companies offer a services for something like a “$1 website when you sign up for a year!”.  Granted that this is a nice “service” to offer, but what does a consumer actually get from their website when going that course?  Not much of anything, hosting companies will provide a very simple webpage that will display some pictures, text, and maybe a drop down menu.  In a nut shell if you want a website with unique functionality, custom coded PhP, Java script, & HTML is required to really make someone stand out from the rest.

SEO Benefits

When using custom coding on a website, it goes outside just the privy of having unique functions on a website.  Custom HTML can provide a programmer the explicit access of tailoring alt tags, H-Tags and keyword focus to their exact specifications.  This in turn provides business owners with additional marketing benefits that supersede anything a hosting company will provide them.


If a user is looking for something unique and out of the normal scope of things.  Custom coding is the only solution to handling  that type of request. Be it websites or applications, HPCS and its team of developers are here to service you.