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Houston PC Services Arrow Houston PC Services prides itself on providing expertly trained consultants while also supplying our clients with affordable pricing.
Houston PC Services Arrow We provide our services by appointment and at the customer’s location.  Most of the services we provide require us to have a consultant on-site to truly evaluate a customer’s situation.
Houston PC Services Arrow Our standard/business rate unless otherwise negotiated is $110.00/hour.
Houston PC Services Arrow We offer a $70.00/hour discounted rate for seniors (must be residential, non-business services and for those 65+ and retired) and those on an active retainer program.
Houston PC Services Arrow For most Houston area locations, there are no drive-time charges for a consultant to be sent to your location. We will inform you in advance of any trip charges before your appointment, and we offer remote computer services to our customers as well.
Houston PC Services Arrow We bill by the half-hour with a minimum of one billable hour.
Houston PC Services Arrow If the service takes longer than the original quoted time, the additional time is on us.  Quotes on services are given upon request, and an estimate should not be assumed to be a quote.

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